7-Day Seeing Joy Challenge

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Your challenge for the next 7 days is to notice, document, and share moments when the word “joy” appears or an experience that brings you joy.

Challenge Starts

December 13, 2021


Why are we doing this challenge?

During this time of pandemic and the state of the world, it’s so easy to be bombarded with negativity and stress. It can be difficult to see the good at times. This takes a toll on us physically, mentally, and emotionally.
So often, we talk about “Finding Joy.”
However, from my 3-year journey across America to learn about joy, I’ve discovered it’s less about “finding” and more about “Noticing Joy” around us. 
One of the quickest ways to experience more joy in our lives is to start seeing the joy around us.

Joy is Everywhere!

As we raise our level of awareness, we start to see the many different ways joy shows up each day.

"What you focus on grows. What you concentrate on is what you see more in your life"

Robin Sharma, Best Selling Author on Personal Growth and Leadership

How to Do This Challenge

Step 1

Sign up for the challenge.

Step 2

Receive a text reminder each morning to notice for joy.

Step 3

Take a picture or make a note when you see "joy".

Step 4

Post on the Private Facebook group or text your photo or note.

Step 6

Join the group Zoom celebration at the end of the 7-day Challenge.

  1. Sign up for the challenge by clicking the button below
  2. Each morning you will receive a text/email reminder to notice the joy you see and experience that day.
  3. Throughout the day, when you see the word “joy” or if have a moment that brings you joy, take a second to take a picture or selfie with the word “joy”. If it’s an experience that you felt joy in, make note of what happened that activated joy within you. It’s like a “joy” scavenger hunt or the “I spy with my little eye” game kids play.
  4. Share the picture you took or the note you made in a text or the challenge Facebook group. This way, we can help you track how much joy you saw during the challenge.
  5. Each evening you will receive a reminder to reflect and share the joy you expedience that day.
  6. This will repeat for the next 7 days.
  7. On the final day, you are invited to join us for a 60-minute zoom session to celebrate you, award prizes, share your discoveries and insights, and be a part of a positive community to help you live more joyfully each day.

Where you might see "Joy" (#joysightings)...

Here are some of the joys I’ve noticed on my journey across America.

  • At the store
  • On Holiday cards
  • On T-shirts
  • Online promotions
  • At an event
  • On a product
  • On a billboard
  • On a street sign
If you are not seeing the word “Joy”, you can share experiences that you notice brought you joy that day. Here are some examples you can note.
  • Something unexpected that happened like an act of kindness, money, opportunity, or recognition.
  • A great connection with someone
  • A new experience that brought awe or excitement
  • Something that moved you or brought tears of joy
  • Something fun

Here are some of the things our community of Joy Makers has shared that brings them joy:

  • Road trips with my husband, gardening, singing, hiking, flower arranging
  • Walk in the field with my dog.
  • My grandson is my world. He is pure joy
  • I’ve picked sewing back up and I forgot how much I love it!
  • Spending time with my baby girl
  • A Smile
  • Writing poetry
  • I paint kindness rocks.
  • Helping others.
  • Practicing gratitude.
  • Releasing excess weight.
  • Laughing with friends.
  • Non-political conversations with my brother.
  • Traveling for fun.
  • Watching waves hit the beach and hearing the ocean.
  • A good movie.
  • Visiting my parents in Alaska.
  • Singing
  • I paint!
  • Dancing
  • Time with my family and close friends!
  • Golf, travel, gardening.
  • Play in the pottery studio.
  • Rollerblades, recently drove around to see all the changing leaves  under a striking blue and windy sky
  • Cooking and feeding friends and family
  • Savor a great cup of coffee, Find humor, Share dinner w friends
  • Watching birds

Rewards & Prizes

By participating in this challenge, your biggest reward is a shift in the way you experience your day so that you notice and feel more joy.
You are empowering yourself to become a Joy Maker by noticing and sharing the joy you experience.
For those who complete this challenge by sharing 7 or more moments of joy, you will receive a gift “Joy Bracelet”. This is a special bracelet used to activate joy and is only available here. It’s not something you can purchase. VIDEO: Yasmin
For the person who shares the most joy during the challenge, we will make a $25 donation on your behalf to your favorite charity or cause as your gift of joy.

Join us in becoming a Joy Maker!

This challenge is created by The Joyful Living Project and The Joy Gym to bring people together to practice the joyful habits that strengthen your mental fitness and emotional well-being!

Seeing Joy Challenge

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