The Joy Gym

Discovering Joy Together

Launching 2023

Less Stress... More Joy!

Come practice the joyful habits that strengthen your mental fitness and emotional well-being!

With the pandemic and the current state of the world, now more than ever, there is an urgency and need for mental fitness and emotional well-being.
You are invited to join a community and movement to strengthen our hearts and minds.
In doing so, you will have more:
  • confidence
  • genuine connection
  • physical wellness
  • prosperity
  • peace of mind
  • hope
  • compassion
  • community
  • resilience
  • clarity
  • inspiration
  • and of course joy!
It’s not about being joyful, it’s about practicing the physical, mental and emotional habits that activate joy in our lives.
Be part of The Joy Gym and create more joy in your life.

Experience More Joy and Make a Difference

Similar to traditional fitness studios that offer group workout classes like yoga, cycling, Pilates, HIIT, circuit training, Zumba, or kickboxing, The Joy Gym will bring millions of people together every day to connect and practice simple habits that activate joy while strengthening mental and emotional fitness, and creating a better world.

Through regular online group experiences and mini-challenges, you will have the care and support of an inspired, positive, growth-minded community to help you be the best version of yourself.

We will practice innovative joy activating habits around gratitude, kindness, vulnerability, creativity, movement, forgiveness, playfulness, self-care, prosperity, faith, generosity, humor, empathy, adventure, connection, mindfulness, and much more!!!

You will feel more joy in your life while bringing joy to the world around you!

Get fit and become a Joy Maker!

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